No Man’s Sky Guide: Location Of Precious Elements

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Precious elements in this game are one of the five divisions of the periodic table and are extremely rare and valuable.

This guide will show the location of these precious elements.

Precious Elements Location

In the player’s inventory, it can be seen that there is an icon with a purple background for the elements of the precious family. When a scan is done of an area, the precious elements are tagged with a purple diamond shaped icon.


A rare substance. Found in blob-like creatures throughout the galaxy. It costs 340 units in the marketplace.


A dark matter element. Very powerful, unknown and untested substance. It is very rare in the game so it is recommended to buy it from the merchants in the star system.


A mysterious and valuable chemical resource. Found on floating rock deposits and it spawns on extreme planets. Mining for this element will attract the attention of the sentinels.


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