Nvidia GTX 1080 11 GBPS Model is Actually a 1080Ti; Details

Nvidia GTX 1080 11 GBPS Model is Actually a 1080TI; Details

According to an article on WCCF TECH, Nvidia has revealed that the upcoming GTX 1080 11 GBPS version will actually be a GTX 1080Ti¬†undercover, and the founder’s edition cards bought directly from Nvidia will feature this lovely free hidden upgrade.

Essentially, customers will be getting a GTX1080Ti which is a $700 graphics card for the price of a GTX 1080. This loyalty program has been set up by Nvidia to ensure their performance dominance over AMD, especially with the upcoming -somewhat scarily powerful from the looks of it- VEGA launch by AMD.

We also know that AMD Ryzen has been a great success and has brought a load better performance per dollar, we can also assume the same for VEGA, whenever it arrives.