NVIDIA Shows 13 Minutes of Watch Dogs 2 PC Gameplay

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Nvidia recently revealed 13 minutes of gameplay for the upcoming Watch Dogs 2 on their new YouTube channel NGN(Nvidia gaming network).

The video shows the firsthand view of Watch Dogs 2 PC in action. The trailer focused on the GameWorks featured like the HBAO+ and TXAA. The video description also mentioned the test was done using a GTX 1080.

The video didn’t mention many details but it did mention the exact FPS, resolution and settings used but the GTX 1080 should be enough to play the game maxed out.

Some promised features



  • 4K support
  • Stuttering/lag framerate optimization – We employed a fix that makes all controls much more responsive and less framerate-related. We’ve optimized resource creation, GPU VRAM upload and required VRAM for the game.
  • No FPS cap
  • Full SLI/Crossfire support at launch
  • Multiple save file support – This feature allows players to have up to three auto save slots for three separate playthroughs.
  • Multi-monitor support with borderless mode and advanced settings that allow for customized placement of menu and HUD.
  • Multiple windowed mode options – Windowed mode with flexible/resizable windows, multi-monitor borderless.
  • NVIDIA Ansel support

Improved Graphic Features

  • Screen Space Reflections
  • Headlight Shadows – Support for additional shadows from car headlights
  • Extra Details Options – Increases the level of detail for all objects in the game, and adds more details to objects in the distance.

Improved Graphics Options

  • FOV sliders
  • Pixel Density sliders
  • Sharpness sliders
  • Ultra Textures pack available at launch

Ambient Occlusion options:

  • Ubisoft proprietary ambient occlusion techniques: SSBC and HMSSAO

Anti-aliasing options:

  • MSAA
  • Post Processing Anti-Aliasing options SMAA and FXAA

Improved Keyboard/Mouse controls

  • Full adaptation with mouse and keyboard
  • We’re using raw mouse input to reduce latency and use the Windows hardware cursor throughout the game without any additional signal filtering to smooth or accelerate mouse movement by default
  • Advanced keyboard support – Keyboard hotkeys for every menu and app for faster access. Additionally, all hotkeys can be remapped.
  • Mouse-centric UI – Any UI screen, menus or smartphone app supports full mouse interaction, so the player can finish any UI task with the mouse only. Everything is clickable and has appropriate button states.
  • Toggle/Hold modes for different controls (aim, sprint, walk, inventory, etc.)


  • Driving has been adapted to suit the keyboard controls, with adjustable steering sensitivity. Same goes for driving camera sensitivity and auto-centering camera behavior

Gamepad support

  • On-the-fly switching between mouse and keyboard to gamepad, without any additional options, UI will just switch to gamepad mode
  • Supported gamepads: Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers, third-party XInput gamepads (everything Xbox-based), PlayStation 4 Controller. We do not officially support Direct Input gamepads, Steam controllers or game wheels.

Watch Dogs 2 is the next game in the Watch Dogs series and will be released on November 29th 2016 for PC,XBOX One and PS4.