Saints Row IV Gets Steam Workshop Support

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It is finally time to start playing Saints Row IV with the latest update. Saints Row IV was released in 2013. But, the popular open-world action game gets the steam workshop support. The modding community will jump at the opportunity.

The Game Publisher Deep Silver were happy to say this during a press release:

There were many challenges in implementing Steam Workshop functionality since the game was not originally designed to support modding. It was all a labor of love for developer Deep Silver Volition who worked directly with the modding community to develop the modding tools and adapt the game code. This was all built for the fans who have shown an incredible amount of passion and creativity over the years, and we can’t wait to see what kind of crazy content they come up with.

It is still quite early but some mods have already been out like the Flamethrower guitar and some mods which give you more clothes to wear. Soon enough though the modding community will fill the shelves with mods.

Saints Row IV is at a 75% discount on steam only costing a few dollars and is definitely worth picking up.