Oculus Rift comes with cool 3D platformer Lucky’s Tale

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The much anticipated Virtual Reality gaming device Oculus Rift will launch in Q1 2016. We have heard of very few games that will debut on the device at launch. Off them, there’s Lucky’s Tale.

Lucky’s Tale is a 3D platformer that will be available to whoever buys the hardware later this year. It comes packed with Oculus Rift just like the space dog-fighting title EVE: Valkyrie. Unlike Lucky’s Tale, EVE: Valkyrie will only be available to those who buy the device at the launch.

Lucky’s Tale looks a decent platformer to start your VR experience with. “VR will become something everyone wants before it becomes something everyone can afford,” says Oculus founder Palmer Lucky.

According to Lucky, people might be able to have their first VR experience on their old low-end laptops. “We are taking some big steps to make sure people know what they are getting into – we don’t want to sell to people who don’t,” he added.

We don’t know how much the Oculus Rift will cost. The upcoming Consumer Electronics Show might shed some light on the pricing front.