Overwatch Will Update Symmetra in November Update

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Symmetra is an Overwatch hero whose popularity among players has been decreasing recently because her application is very situational; she can be useful sometimes but not in a lot of gameplay scenarios. Because of this, Jeff Kaplan, the game’s director, has stated the development team is actively looking for ways to improve Symmetra.

“[Changes to Symmetra] are definitely on our list, but I don’t think we’ll see a change go live until probably some time in November”, said Kaplan to Business Insider. He also provided some insight as to what’s the problem with this character: “What happens commonly is players will play her on defense on the first part of a point, and then when they’ve lost that point, then they’ll switch off of Symmetra. So, that definitely impacts her play time when you’re looking at the stats.”

They’ll be tweaking the character, and after a substantial period of internal testing, they’ll release the fixes in November. We’ll keep an eye out for those changes.