Persona 5 Guide: Things You Can Do In Your Room

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Persona 5 is developed by Atlus for the PS3 and PS4. Persona 5 is a role-playing video game and the sixth installment in the Persona series. The game takes place in a fictionalized city of Tokyo. The game published in April 2017. Here we will check things you can do in your room in Persona 5.

There are different things available to do in your room which yield different rewards as well. This guide will show the various things you can do in your room in the game.

Persona 5 Things You Can Do In Your Room


This raises your max HP. Use the protein to improve the effect.

Making Infiltration Tools

You can get different items while exploring the place. This can raise your dexterity.

Nutritional Supplements

Give genus nutrients to the ornamental plants to improve kindness. You can do this every 16 days. You can buy these nutrients at the places mentioned below.

  • Shinjuku Florist – Natural Plant Nutrition 3000 yen (Tenderness + 3)
  • Shibuya Central District Rosinante – Garden Energy 500 Yen (Tenderness + 1)
  • Shibuya Station Underground Mall Florist – Plant Nutrition 1200 yen (Tenderness + 2)

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You can take the different items mentioned below when you are going out. These items are placed on the shelf by default.

  • Swan Boat – Inogashira Park
  • Ramen bowl – Ogikubo no ramen shop
  • Hero figure – Akihabara
  • Sushi Yakinari – Silver sitting sushi shop
  • Rake – Asakusa
  • Choco Fountain – Buffet
  • Kun doll – Aqueduct Bridge
  • Sky Tower Light – Asakusa Sky Tower
  • Statue of Nude – Ueno Museum of Art
  • Idol Poster – Harajuku
  • Demon Arrows – Meiji Shrine
  • Night View Pennant – Odaiba Ferris Wheel ○ Jain Nan
  • Constellation Seal – Planetarium of Ikebukuro
  • ILOVE Tokyo Shirt – Asakusa Nakamise Street
  • Department of King Officer – Old Book Store in Jimbocho

Viewing Rental CD

Rent DVDs from the CD shop in the Shibuya Central Park. Watch these to raise your status. Buy the CRT TV at a recycling shop to watch TV. Purchase a retro game at a recycle shop to play retro games. It costs 7800 yen. Below is a list of retro games.

  • Star For news – Courage raises, increases 3 times, 25 times within 6 seconds ○ Press the button
  • Hatredo Goemon – Charm raises, Price 5200 yen, increases 2 times, choose an even or odd number and shake the dice.

Dark Net

Repair a broken personal computer sold to the recycle shop of the four-store teahouse and you will be able to use a dark net. You can purchase rare items in the dark net as opposed to the conventional net. These items arrive at night after 2-4 days.

Member Rank

The ranks will be according to the money used on the dark net. Here they are.

  • Black – Total 10000 yen or more
  • Dark – Total 50000 yen or more
  • Chaos – Total 100000 yen or more

Yakinikan Products

Here is the detailed list.


  • Nirvana rings – 30000 yen, Blessed damage drastically reduced
  • Black stone – 1000 yen, Material of electric chair execution (itemization)
  • spike – 2000 yen, 50 enemies in all enemies with 50 damage
  • Condenser lens – 3600 yen, Material


  • Hercules Uncle – 80000 yen, Power + 5
  • Black cloth – 500 yen, Material of electric chair execution (itemization)
  • Vampire’s eyepatch – 60000 yen, Physical avoidance is moderately elevated
  • Dirty new style armor – 1000 yen, When washing it turns into armor.


  • An evil rosary – 50000 yen, Magic evasion slightly rises
  • Black knife – 1000 yen, Material of electric chair execution (itemization)
  • Atom matching – 2000 yen, 50 enemies with 50 nuclear heat damage
  • Mirror of heavenly punishment – 24000 yen, Reflect physical attack at 20%


  • Ring of demon – 100000 yen, Moderate magical damage reduction
  • Black imitation gun – 1000 yen, Material of electric chair execution (itemization)
  • Medal of Laurent – 500 000 yen, Full capability + 5
  • Dirty Newest Armor, Protected Dirt with Protected, Gaming Dirty Protector with Gaming Dirty, Anti-Shielding with Corruption, Dirty Armor with Corruption – 1000 yen, when washing it turns into armor and products change when you purchase.

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