Pokemon GO: Could Ditto be Hidden in South America?

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Ditto has been one of the most elusive monsters in Pokemon GO. By most elusive, we mean no one has ever seen a Ditto. But data miners have discovered Ditto has a catch rate, which means it can be found in the wild, unlike legendaries. So with Pokemon GO being the huge phenomenon that it is, it’s strange that no one has ever seen it.

Well, one of the rising theories as of late is that Ditto is a South America exclusive. It’s based on two valid deductions: Pokemon GO hasn’t released in South America yet, and map data for that region isn’t available yet. Most regions have a unique Pokemon, and if Ditto was exclusive to South America, no one would be able to see it until the game releases there.

The second reason is even more convincing. All region-exclusive Pokemon have been picked logically. Kangaskhan, which is based on a Kangaroo, is exclusive to New Zealand, the region where kangaroos live. Farfetch’d, which is heavily based on Anime designs, is exclusive to Asia.

And, according to a popular fan theory that has swept into Pokemon lore, Dittos are the failed clones of Mew until the successful attempt created Mewtwo. Where did these cloning experiments take place? South America.

Certainly, something to think about. Reports are saying Pokemon GO will finally release in that region this Sunday, July 31st.