Pokemon GO Guide: How to Catch Pokemon with High CP

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The major part of Pokemon GO’s gameplay includes capturing different types of Pokemon. As the player accomplishes different tasks and catches new Pokemons, he/she is awarded with experience points. These XP you get decide the Trainer level. Let’s find out how to catch Pokemon with high CP in this guide.

Initially, everyone starts at Level 1 and it increases as the XP increases. As one reaches higher Trainer levels, Rarer and Stronger Pokemons are encountered. These High Level Pokemons are hard to capture and often get away after a few attempts. This guide helps you Catch Pokemon with High CP at Levels higher than 20.

Pokemon GO Guide: How to Catch Pokemon with High CP

Pokemons are generally hard to Capture after Level 20. But this doesn’t mean the Levels lower to that are a piece of cake. In fact, there are reports of players complaining not being able to capture Pokemon since Level 7 itself. Personally I think it depends on a number of aspects like how one throws the PokeBall, how much is the CP of the Pokemon and more. One might even call it as a form of art if that’s how significant the game has become in our lives.

Capture by Emotion

Every Pokemon shows its Emotion/Gesture which can be used to capture it easily. Players have noticed that at higher levels, Pokemons encountered are with greater CP and couldn’t be captured easily. You just can’t how a Great Ball and capture it successfully.

Notice that once you spot a Rare High Level Pokemon, it makes a Gesture. It might be happy or angry. Now throws some Razz Berry and wait till the Pokemon makes the Gesture/Emotion. Once it’s done with it, throw the PokeBall as soon as the Gesture animation is over.

In majority of the cases the above method seems to have worked. So you might want to give this a try.

Rough Capture

This method because of a glitch in the game but is really helpful and works in most cases. Basically this method requires the player to throw the PokeBall as soon as the animation is over.

When you find a Pokemon spawning near you, touch it and the animation begins. Now what you need to do is start swiping the screen like you do when the PokeBall appears. You have start swiping even before the PokeBall actually appears. Once it appears, it will be thrown without giving the Pokemon a chance to react.

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