Pokemon GO Guide: Complete List of all Pokemons in PokeDex

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Yesterday Pokemon GO dethroned Candy Crush as the most popular mobile game in the United States. Not only in the US, but the game has taken the world by storm with its innovative new gameplay staying relevant to a popular topic. Who doesn’t love Pokemon and what would be better if you get to catch them in real world? The game features all the Pokemon’s from the original series. Your PokeDex has the information on all of these and are unlocked as you catch news ones. Let’s take a look at the complete list of all Pokemons in PokeDex.

Pokemon GO Guide: Complete List of all Pokemons in PokeDex

At the beginning, Professor Willow gives you a PokeDex which supplies information of each Pokemon you catch later in the game. Initially you have the choice to catch among three Pokemons to start you journey just like Ash. These are Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle. After choosing any one of them, there are 150 remaining Pokemons which you can catch throughout the world. Here’s the complete list of all Pokemons in PokeDex.

  1. Bulbasaur (Type1: Grass, Type2: Poison)
  2. Ivysaur (Type1: Grass, Type2: Poison)
  3. Venusaur (Type1: Grass, Type2: Poison)
  4. Charmander (Type: Fire)
  5. Charmeleon (Type: Fire)
  6. Charizard (Type1: Fire, Type2: Flying)
  7. Squirtle (Type: Water)
  8. Wartortle (Type: Water)
  9. Blastoise (Type: Water)
  10. Caterpie (Type: Bug)
  11. Metapod (Type: Bug)
  12. Butterfree (Type1: Bug, Type2: Flying)
  13. Weedle (Type1: Bug, Type2: Poison)
  14. Kakuna (Type1: Bug, Type2: Poison)
  15. Beedrill (Type1: Bug, Type2: Poison)
  16. Pidgey (Type1: Normal, Type2: Flying)
  17. Pidgeotto (Type1: Normal, Type2: Flying)
  18. Pidgeot (Type1: Normal, Type2: Flying)
  19. Rattata (Type: Normal)
  20. Raticate (Type: Normal)
  21. Spearow (Type1: Normal, Type2: Flying)
  22. Fearow (Type1: Normal, Type2: Flying)
  23. Ekans (Type: Poison)
  24. Arbok (Type: Poison)
  25. Pikachu (Type: Electric)
  26. Raichu (Type: Electric)
  27. Sandshrew (Type: Ground)
  28. Sandslash (Type: Ground)
  29. Nidoran? (Type: Poison)
  30. Nidorina (Type: Poison)
  31. Nidoqueen (Type: Poison)
  32. Nidoran? (Type: Poison)
  33. Nidorino (Type: Poison)
  34. Nidoking (Type: Poison)
  35. Clefairy (Type: Fairy)
  36. Clefable (Type: Fairy)
  37. Vulpix (Type: Fire)
  38. Ninetales (Type: Fire)
  39. Jigglypuff (Type: Normal)
  40. Wigglytuff (Type1: Normal, Type2: Fairy)
  41. Zubat (Type1: Poison, Type2: Flying)
  42. Golbat (Type1: Poison, Type2: Flying)
  43. Oddish (Type1: Grass, Type2: Poison)
  44. Gloom (Type1: Grass, Type2: Poison)
  45. Vileplume (Type1: Grass, Type2: Poison)
  46. Paras (Type1: Bug, Type2: Grass)
  47. Parasect (Type1: Bug, Type2: Grass)
  48. Venonat (Type1: Bug, Type2: Poison)
  49. Venomoth (Type1: Bug, Type2: Poison)
  50. Diglett (Type: Ground)
  51. Dugtrio (Type: Ground)
  52. Meowth (Type: Normal)
  53. Persian (Type: Normal)
  54. Psyduck (Type: Water)
  55. Golduck (Type: Water)
  56. Mankey (Type: Fighting)
  57. Primeape (Type: Fighting)
  58. Growlithe (Type: Fire)
  59. Arcanine (Type: Fire)
  60. Poliwag (Type: Water)
  61. Poliwhirl (Type: Water)
  62. Poliwrath (Type1: Water, Type2: Fighting)
  63. Abra (Type: Psychic)
  64. Kadabra (Type: Psychic)
  65. Alakazam (Type: Psychic)
  66. Machop (Type: Fighting)
  67. Machoke (Type: Fighting)
  68. Machamp (Type: Fighting)
  69. Bellsprout (Type1: Grass, Type2: Poison)
  70. Weepinbell (Type1: Grass, Type2: Poison)
  71. Victreebel (Type1: Grass, Type2: Poison)
  72. Tentacool (Type1: Water, Type2: Poison)
  73. Tentacruel (Type1: Water, Type2: Poison)
  74. Geodude (Type1: Rock, Type2: Ground)
  75. Graveler (Type1: Rock, Type2: Ground)
  76. Golem (Type1: Rock, Type2: Ground)
  77. Ponyta (Type: Fire)
  78. Rapidash (Type: Fire)
  79. Slowpoke (Type1: Water, Type2: Psychic)
  80. Slowbro (Type1: Water, Type2: Psychic)
  81. Magnemite (Type1: Electric, Type2: Steel)
  82. Magneton (Type1: Electric, Type2: Steel)
  83. Farfetch’d (Type1: Normal, Type2: Flying)
  84. Doduo (Type1: Normal, Type2: Flying)
  85. Dodrio (Type1: Normal, Type2: Flying)
  86. Seel (Type: Water)
  87. Dewgong (Type1: Water, Type2: Ice)
  88. Grimer (Type: Poison)
  89. Muk (Type: Poison)
  90. Shellder (Type: Water)
  91. Cloyster (Type1: Water, Type2: Ice)
  92. Gastly (Type1: Ghost, Type2: Poison)
  93. Haunter (Type1: Ghost, Type2: Poison)
  94. Gengar (Type1: Ghost, Type2: Poison)
  95. Onix (Type1: Rock, Type2: Ground)
  96. Drowzee (Type: Psychic)
  97. Hypno (Type: Psychic)
  98. Krabby (Type: Water)
  99. Kingler (Type: Water)
  100. Voltorb (Type: Electric)
  101. Electrode (Type: Electric)
  102. Exeggcute (Type1: Grass, Type2: Psychic)
  103. Exeggutor (Type1: Grass, Type2: Psychic)
  104. Cubone (Type: Ground)
  105. Marowak (Type: Ground)
  106. Hitmonlee (Type: Fighting)
  107. Hitmonchan (Type: Fighting)
  108. Lickitung (Type: Normal)
  109. Koffing (Type: Poison)
  110. Weezing (Type: Poison)
  111. Rhyhorn (Type1: Ground, Type2: Rock)
  112. Rhydon (Type1: Ground, Type2: Rock)
  113. Chansey (Type: Normal)
  114. Tangela (Type: Grass)
  115. Kangaskhan (Type: Normal)
  116. Horsea (Type: Water)
  117. Seadra (Type: Water)
  118. Goldeen (Type: Water)
  119. Seaking (Type: Water)
  120. Staryu (Type: Water)
  121. Starmie (Type1: Water, Type2: Psychic)
  122. Mr. Mime (Type1: Psychic, Type2: Fairy)
  123. Scyther (Type1: Bug, Type2: Flying)
  124. Jynx (Type1: Ice, Type2: Psychic)
  125. Electabuzz (Type: Electric)
  126. Magmar (Type: Fire)
  127. Pinsir (Type: Bug)
  128. Tauros (Type: Normal)
  129. Magikarp (Type: Water)
  130. Gyarados (Type1: Water, Type2: Flying)
  131. Lapras (Type1: Water, Type2: Ice)
  132. Ditto (Type: Normal)
  133. Eevee (Type: Normal)
  134. Vaporeon (Type: Water)
  135. Jolteon (Type: Electric)
  136. Flareon (Type: Fire)
  137. Porygon (Type: Normal)
  138. Omanyte (Type1: Rock, Type2: Water)
  139. Omastar (Type1: Rock, Type2: Water)
  140. Kabuto (Type1: Rock, Type2: Water)
  141. Kabutops (Type1: Rock, Type2: Water)
  142. Aerodactyl (Type1: Rock, Type2: Flying)
  143. Snorlax (Type: Normal)
  144. Articuno (Type1: Ice, Type2: Flying)
  145. Zapdos (Type1: Electric, Type2: Flying)
  146. Moltres (Type1: Fire, Type2: Flying)
  147. Dratini (Type: Dragon)
  148. Dragonair (Type: Dragon)
  149. Dragonite (Type1: Dragon, Type2: Flying)
  150. Mewtwo (Type: Psychic)
  151. Mew (Type: Psychic)

That’s all from complete list of all Pokemons in PokeDex. You can find the complete Pokemon GO Wiki Guide here.