Pokemon Go Guide: Where to Find Pikachu

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Pikachu is the most sort after Pokemon in Pokemon GO. And while it is not very easy to find it, however we do have some ways to make the search easy. Pikachu can be caught as a starter which is easier but you can also catch it after that. Here in the where to find Pikachu guide will help you in your search expedition in Pokemon Go.

Where to Find Pikachu

Compared to many Pokemon, Pikachu can be found at many places and is not that rare. Pikachu is electric type Pokemon so it can found at certain specific spots. Let’s find out which are those places.

  1. You can try locating Pikachu in places near your current location near any electric center. You can look around Science museums or other power sources, of course while being at a safe distance from these sources.
  2. When you get close Pikachu, it will be appearing in the nearby list present at the bottom right.
    1. Now once you find Pikachu in the list, you need to check how many steps are underneath him. This will show you the distance between your current location and Pikachu’s.
    2. Then just tap him and a semi-tracker will be enabled and you have to walk around to find out to get to him and the direction you need to take to reach to Pikachu’s location.

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