Pokemon GO is Ported to the Least Expected Platform Ever

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If you don’t have a GPS-enabled smartphone in 2016, you can now play Pokemon GOon a platform that is much easier to come by and readily available in 2016 – a Sega Dreamcast with a portable Visual Memory Unit (VMU). That’s right. Pokemon GO is ported to VMU.

A VMU coder with the online alias guacasaurus_mex is behind the project. The Dreamcast obviously has no GPS, so this port will have a “randomly generated map grid in place of GPS functionality”, and it’ll employ timing-based minigames to throw Pokeballs.

For those too young to know, VMUs were the Dreamcast’s version of a memory card. They were inserted into the controllers while playing a game to access the save data of that game, and portable ones allowed you to play portable games – much like Pokemon GO.

This bizarre Pokemon GO port will come out in 2017. Guacasaurus_mex has previously ported other games to VMUs such as Flappy Bird.


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