Prey Guide: Treasure Map Location

Prey Guide: Treasure Map Location

Prey released in May 2017. This first person action adventure game is developed by Arkane Studios. You can play it on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The player takes control of Morgan Yu and survive and explore the space station Talos 1. This guide focuses on Prey treasure map location.

It’s a pretty big world in the game. You can travel around and you may come across objectives, items, hidden treasures, locks, etc. Hence, a map here would help immensely to not get you lost around the space station. This guide will show how to get the map in the game.

Prey Treasure Map Location

Once you reach the Talos 1 Lobby main area, go to the bottom floor and run till the entrance of the Shuttle Bay. Look right and at the bottom of the stairs, there’s the Security Room. Go in there.

There’s another locked room at the bottom of the stairs. Dont go down but climb the yellow metal pipes to your left and then follow the path. You will reach a computer. Activate the Utilities part on the computer to download the map.

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