Project Valerie, Three 4K-Monitor Laptop By Razer

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CES is always full of surprises and same goes for CES 2017 where Razor showed off amazing concepts of its product. Among those projects was the Project Valerie, which is a laptop featuring three screens each with a resolution of 4K. Each monitor is 17.3 inches The two extra screens slide out from the sides of the main screen.

You can check out the video below:

Apart from the three 4K resolution monitors, it also has a built-in mechanical keyboard. Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 will power it and the monitor to use G-Sync technology.

Razer Co-founder and CEO Min-Liang- Tan said in a prepared stated.

The complexities of a traditional multi-monitor setup are a thing of the past with Project Valerie. Equally important, the power of a desktop computer and graphics capabilities of three top-end monitors are included in the system. There is no shortcoming in the way of performance in the face of its amazing portability and features.