ReCore Guide: Boss Fight Victor Reborn

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This game was released on 13 Sep 2016 for Xbox One and PC. An action adventure shooter game, it features different robots with the protagonist being Joule along with her robotic companions who aid her in combat and puzzle solving. Recore also features upgrade tiers with attack and defense categories. The player must collect blueprints and materials to access and unlock these upgrades.

There are a few difficult bosses in the game and this guide will show how to beat one of them – Victor Reborn.

ReCore Boss Fight Victor Reborn

Once the player has collected 45 prismatic cores and has climbed all 5 floors of the E Tower, Victor will be waiting at the top. This time, he is a massive machine and can change his form as well. He changes into the previous bosses so if the player remembers the strategy to beat each of the previous bosses, this fight will be easy. Once the player gets the option to extract the core, do so. He has relatively few add-on enemies and short range so this fight will not be that difficult.