Red Dead Redemption Guide: Unlocking All Multiplayer Weapons

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Here we are with one more Red Dead Redemption guide. This guide is about Red Dead Redemption unlocking all multiplayer weapons. The game is much loved by gamers. The game has some extremely good reviews. It originally released in 2010. Now available as a backwards compatible title for Xbox One.

Red Dead Redemption is set during the decline of the American Frontier in 1911. It follows the life of John Marston, a former outlaw. His wife and son are held hostage by the government. They are taken as ransom in exchange for his services as a hired gunman. Then Marston sets out to hunt his former gang members and bring them to justice.

Red Dead Redemption Guide: Unlocking All Multiplayer Weapons

The game’s multiplayer aspect is one to die for. Here are the levels the player needs to reach to unlock each weapon in the game.

Repeater Carbine is at – Level 2.
Throwing Knives is at – Level 3.
Volcanic Pistol is at – Level 5.
Winchester Repeater is at – Level 8.
Schofield Revolver is at – Level 9.
Pump Shotgun is at – Level 11.
Springfield Rifle is at – Level 13.
Dynamite is at – Level 15.
Double-Action Revolver is at – Level 17.
Sawed-Off Shotgun is at – Level 18.
Rolling Block Rifle is at – Level 20.
Fire Bottle is at – Level 22.
Semi-Automatic Pistol is at – Level 24.
Semi-Automatic Shotgun is at – Level 26.
Carcano Rifle is at – Level 28.
Henry Repeater is at – Level 32.
High Power Pistol is at – Level 35.
Bolt-Action Rifle is at – Level 40.
Evans Repeater is at – Level 43.
LeMat Revolver is at – Level 46.
Mauser Pistol is at – Level 49.
Buffalo Rifle is at – Level 50.

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