How To Replace Paint 3D with Paint Classic in Windows 10 Creators Update

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If you are a Windows Insider, they you would have got the Paint 3D installed as part of the Windows 10 creators update. Now although the new Paint 3D has a lot of new features, some of us may just want the classic Paint app back. In this article we will find out how to replace Paint 3D with Paint Classic.

How to Replace Paint 3D with Paint Classic

  • To get back the Paint classic, only thing you need to do is uninstall the Paint 3D app and delete it.
  • Then, as the classic Paint app was only hidden by Windows, you can access it as before with the same shortcut.

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Well this is one option. The other involves editing the registry which this article will not cover as we should avoid making changes to the registry as much as possible. Well, if there are no other option, then sure we need to, but here we have an easy way so why not use it.

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