Resident Evil 4 HD Mod Project – Salazar’s Castle Remade

Resident Evil 4 HD Mod Project - Salazar's Castle Remade

Resident Evil 4 is Capcom’s 2005 success, which lead Resident evil to a whole new era, while the graphics are now outdated, an ambitious project by a modding team plans on completely revamping the game with HD textures, improved models and correcting level design errors, porting the game into the newer era.

While most would ask, what’s the need for this mod while Capcom has officially launched the HD version of the game; well, this mod goes above and beyond the original remake, and makes it much better. Here’s the progress report of the locations they have completed and what they’re currently working on.

For Resident Evil 4 fans though, it’s just another opportunity to replay this classic as it is one a star in the RE series.