Rise Of Insanity PS4 Trophies List

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Rise of Insanity is a psychological horror game that was released for early access on PC back in 2017. It’s developed and published by Red Limb Studio. It’s now available on PS4 with PSVR support. If you just starting playing this game on the console, you might be wondering what are the trophies it offers.

There are total of 14 trophies which you can collect in Rise of Insanity. And there’s no secret trophy. So, let’s see how you can get them.


  • Duck’s tales – Collect every duck


  • Nosey – Find every letter and note
  • The art connoisseur – Find all Teddy’s drawings


  • Attentive Listener – Listen to every tape recorder
  • Electrician – Solve the puzzles with the electricity at home and night garden
  • Explorer – Open 40 shelves and sideboards
  • Eye check – Solve the puzzle with the padlock in the hospital
  • Flying School 1 – Finish the first level without being beaten up
  • Flying School 2 – Finish the second level without being beaten up
  • Masochist – Get murdered five times
  • Plumber – Find the mystery with the leak in the basement
  • Rebel – Don’t listen to your wife and go to next level not switching the TV off on the first level
  • Sir Theodor Dowell – Find every armor pieces
  • The Ring – Watch the movie