Sea Of Solitude PS4 Secret Trophies List

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Sea of Solitude is an ambitious new adventure game developed by Jo-Mei Games and published by Electronic Arts. The game puts you into a world where humans have become monsters and the protagonist sets on the journey to find out why. The game’s world is inspired by the German capital, Berlin. It’s out now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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There are 9 Secret Trophies which you can earn throughout the game. Let’s see how you can unlock each one of them.


Danger swimmer – Swim long distance while whale is around
Mermaid – Swim a very long distance
Runaway – Travel very far by foot
Sailor – Travel a long distance by boat


Comfy – Respawn on couch in Skyscraper
Deep dive – Jump headfirst into the water from a high point
Human Bait – Get Eaten by Whale 20 times
Raver – Get grabbed by waterhands 10 times
Seeker – Fire 30 flares