Skyrim Remastered has Framerate Issues on PS4 Pro

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Microsoft is firing back at Sony's new system.
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The PS4 Pro just released today, and there’s already disappointing reports. Apparently, the Skyrim: Special Edition (Skryim Remastered) framerate takes a hit on Sony’s new system thanks to the improved resolution, which is indeed native 4K, like Sony promised.

PS4 Pro
Skyrim is less smooth on PS4 Pro

As reported by Digital Foundry, when the game’s visuals are particularly taxing, the frames per second drop below 30. Thankfully it doesn’t happen all the time, and it’s only 1-3 frames, but it’s definitely noticeable. According to this outlet, “this amounts to an overall experience that doesn’t feel quite as smooth when running at 4K”. It’s definitely a problem, albeit a small one.

If this wasn’t bad enough for Bethesda’s title, Skryim: Special Edition on PS4 is much more restrictive on mods than it is on Xbox One.