Pokemon Sun & Moon Version-Exclusive Creatures Revealed

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Some very interesting Pokemon Sun & Moon details have come our way via a leak shared by Reddit user VanitaLite. When it comes to deciding which version to buy, Sun or Moon, the exclusive Pokemon to that version are a key deciding factor. Well, let us tell you what those are.

Exclusive to Sun are the Fighting-type Passimian, the Fire/Dragon-type Turtonator, UB-02 Absorption, the Midday form of Rock-type Lycanroc, and the Alolan forms of Vulpix and Ninetails. Of course, topping it off is Solgaleo, the game’s legendary.

Exclusive to Moon are the Psychic-type Oranguru, the Dragon-type Drampa, Sandshrew and Sandslash’s Alolan forms, UB-02 Beauty, Lycanroc’s Midnight form, and, of course, the game’s legendary, Lunala.

Pokemon Sun & Moon releases November 18 worldwide, exclusively on Nintendo 3DS.