The Surge is a Dark Souls inspired game with PlayStation 4’s Bloodborne Influenced Combat

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Deck 13, the developers of the upcoming “souls-like” game The surge have recently revealed in an AMA on Reddit a few general ideas about what the game’s combat system will be like.

Dark Souls is the main inspiration of the game but the combat system is heavily influenced by Bloodborne. While both the games have the same developers, the combat systems are quite apart from one another.

For instance, the Dark Souls combat system is more slow paced and manageable whereas Bloodborne, much like NioH relies on a faster, more aggressive system with less room to spare, especially in the normal game’s progression.

There are also differences in the build styles between the games, in DS, you may have to drop off some stats like DEX, faith etc. and so on, in favor of strength and vigor (in case of Dark Souls 3, speaking purely of melee builds). Also you may not be able to fast roll and run for longer to make room for other stats. However, Bloodborne takes every aspect with much more balancing than DS.

According to Deck 13,

Combat is snappy and responsive, you have a fast dodge that doesn’t cost a ton of stamina, but encounters can be really punishing if you don’t play carefully and tactically. Likewise, controlled aggression is a necessity due to the need to build and use combat energy—not entirely different from the way BB rewards you for staying aggressive even after taking damage.

While if you’re going to be comparing both the games and The Surge as well, you may consider the fact that every game has subjective preferences, you may like the system of one game better than the other. But, there are overall facts which truly differ the combat systems of the souls and borne series.

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