Telltale Batman Episode 3 Release Date Announced

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Telltale Batman Episode 3 is officially titled “New World Order” and it’s going to be arriving on October 25 to PS4, Xbox One and PC. Episode 2 came out September 20, so it’s nice to see Telltale sticking to a monthly release schedule, which is something they always strive for but couldn’t always maintain with their previous titles.

Telltale’s Batman series is also available as a physical disc to buy at retailers, it includes the season pass so owners can play the entire series. Only the first episode is actually on the disc, though, the rest have to be downloaded. This is to combat piracy; Telltale did the same thing with their Game of Thrones series. And as new episodes become available, they are automatically unlocked. The idea is that the Batman series will be done by December.