The Iconic Return of MP5-SD

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On 15th August 2018, Valve gifted the Counter Strike Global Offensive community with a new Submachine gun MP5-SD. This iconic gun which has been a part of every other Counter Strike game makes a return to the Global Offensive. MP5 is probably the most famous submachine gun in all of the video games in the world.

The return of the prodigal gun makes the game even more interesting because of its unique abilities. Costing only $1500 it occupies the space of MP7 in the inventory. What makes MP5 a better buy than its contemporaries is its stability. MP5 provides the best strafing and shooting abilities at such an economic price. This makes it super efficient especially for the entry fraggers in an near eco round or an all SMG round. It is because of this that MP5 has been officially known to “feature higher movement speed at the cost of some damage and accuracy on the move. “

The Iconic Return of MP5-SD

The weapon has a smaller spray pattern which doesn’t seem to get affected with movement or angle. Generally the damage that a weapon causes does depend on the angle at which it is shot towards the target. But with MP5 this problem has been reduced quite a bit because the damage is almost the same from every angle at which it is used.

Currently MP5-SD is limited to casual matchmaking and deathmatch servers only. The CSGO community is waiting for its arrival in the competitive matchmaking and yes where are the skins for MP5!