The Witch’s House MV Secret Trophies List

The Witch's House MV Secret trophies List
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This guide puts The Witch’s House MV secret trophies together in a list. The Witch’s House MV is one of those games that everybody loves. It has got some excellent ratings. The game is about Viola, who is young girl. She is drawn to a mansion that is mysterious and a place of darkness of pain. The player has to unravel the dark history of the place and solve riddles that comes on the way. Then only there will be an escape from the witch’s mansion. The developer behind the game is Fummy and it is a DANGEN Entertainment publication.

Below are the hidden trophies of The Witch’s House MV. There are a total of eleven hidden trophies. Let’s check out the details for each of them.

The Witch’s House MV Secret Trophies List

Bye Bye – This is a gold secret trophy. As the name suggests, bid your last farewell to the will of the property.

Clean Freak – This is a silver trophy. Get into the cleaning mode and throw away the body of the dead black cat.

Curiosity – This is a silver trophy. Once you read the Book of Death, you get the Curiosity trophy.

I Don’t Want to Answer – This is a silver trophy. Intentionally you need to get the question wrong.

Medicine to X Me – This is a silver trophy. The task is to pick up the cute little bottle.

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My Room – This is a gold trophy. Without getting distracted and without having a single conversation with the black cat, get to the witch’s room.

Revenge – This is a silver trophy. The task to talk to the tadpole three times.

Taken Literally – This is a bronze trophy and you provide to give the cook a hand to help him to get this trophy.

Timekeeper – This is a silver trophy. The simple task for this to pick the watch.

Ungrateful – This is a silver trophy. You need to separate from the frog and leave it.