This Vanquish PC Bug Causes the Player take Damage At Higher Framerates

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Vanquish finally got a PC port a few days ago. This game is undoubtedly a very good and entertaining shooter. But, it doesn’t mean that it’s perfect. While bugs aren’t uncommon in PC games, there are a lot which tend to be caused by a faulty port. A user on NeoGaf reported that they the damage the player receives is directly tied with the frame rate he is running on.

This means that if you’re running on 60 FPS, you’ll receive a lot more damage than if you were running at a capped 30 or less. In fact, it’s around twice as much damage on 60 FPS which makes for an incredibly challenging and almost funny gameplay.

“I’ve tested this multiple times using the AR mode tutorial (the bit where enemies shoot at you a bunch in order to demonstrate auto AR) and you take much more damage when playing at higher framerates. If you lock the framerate to 30FPS AR mode will activate after 6-7 seconds of taking enemy fire but if you’re playing at a higher framerate, like 60FPS, it will activate in just 1-2 seconds.”

60 FPS


30 FPS


This may seem odd but looking back at the Dark Souls 2 PC release, there was an incredibly frustrating bug which caused players running 60 FPS to have their equipment broken around twice as fast as someone running at 60FPS. Meaning the FPS was directly linked with the rate at which the durability of a weapon depletes.

But, amazingly, the Dark Souls 2 glitch didn’t get fixed for over a year after release, some suggested it was something the developers did on purpose to punish the players who were running at higher FPS and the developers didn’t even comment on the situation.

Whatever the case may be, it’s something the developers should look into pronto. For more updates, stay tuned.