Top 15 Cloud Migration Tools 2023

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Cloud Computing has a long list of pros that is driving companies to move their legacy systems to Cloud. Here we are going to check out top 16 Cloud Migration tools 2023. Scalability, ease of access and security are, to me, are the most important aspects of using Cloud.

With the need to migrate software applications to Cloud, there has been an increase in the number of cloud migration tools available. Each one has its own unique feature apart from serving the basic functionality of easing out the whole migration process.

Top 15 Cloud Migration Tools 2023


AppDynamics is an multi functional application from Cisco. You can use it for cloud migration, but it has more to it. It monitors your full stack application, from backend to frontend to cloud.

AvePoint Migration

AvePoint Migration provides SaaS solutions that helps you in the entire process of migration. It manages the provide service to migrate, monitor and data security in Microsoft 365.

AWS Server and Application Migration Services

These Amazon services automate the process of migration, though both work in their own distinct ways.

Azure Migrate

Azure Migrate is from Microsoft. It helps you migrate your on-premise environments to Microsoft Azure platform. It handles the cloud migration of applications, data and the infrastructure.

Carbonite Migrate

Carbonite Migrate focuses on moving your apps, data and environments, not only to cloud but it also helps you do the reverse. The focus is also on minimal down time.


The CloudM platform aims at saving both time and money of the individual or company using it for migration. CloudM can help in data migration to cloud as well as it can be used to observe, monitor and manage your SaaS securely.


Cloudscape does one of the most important part of migration of legacy systems to cloud. It automates and manages intelligent data migration, ensuring smoothness with speed.


Cloudsfer makes replication of file storage, file backup and transfer smooth and fast. It works both ways – on-premise to cloud and cloud to cloud migration. On top that, it also provides you with options to choose and work from about 20 Cloud Storage Providers like Google Drive, SharePoint online, Dropbox to mention a few.

Corent SurPaaS

Corent’s SurPaaS provides on-premise to cloud, cloud to cloud as well as PaaS services.


Intelligent and efficient tool to move apps to cloud platform.

Google Cloud migration tools

It is Google’s service for migrating apps, data, infrastructure to cloud.

Micro Focus PlateSpin Migrate

PlateSpin Migrate automates the migration process of physical or virtual servers to cloud.


It is from IBM. IBM Turbonomic is mainly used for hybrid cloud environments to automate on-premises infra migration to cloud.

UnifyCloud CloudAtlas

CloudAtlas tool is used for the complete process of application migration.

VMware Cloud Migration

The VMware Cloud Migration solution works on plan, build and migrate process. It helps you migrate on-premises virtual-machines to VMware Cloud on AWS.

Which tools you go ahead with depends on your organisation’s requirements and the application you are about to migrate, apart from many other essential aspects.