Microsoft Azure Stack Hybrid Cloud Platform Releases for Intel Architecture

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Today marks the release of Microsoft Azure Stack ‘Hybrid cloud platform’ developed by Microsoft in collaboration with Intel.

Here is what Hybrid Clouds precisely are,

It is a common operating environment. It can be used by both on-premise and off-premise infrastructure. It focuses on hasslefree placement and management of workloads depending on the need of the business requirements.

For the off-premise infrastructure, public Cloud’s flexibility and pay-as-you-go economics is most sort after.
However when the priority comes to security or regulatory requirements, on-premise infrastructure is what is preferred.

With Microsoft‘s Azure Stack platform, the businesses can use Azure services more and across their on and off premise data centers. It will bring the benefits of cloud together with more efficiency and security for the business applications.

This new hybrid cloud platform, Microsoft Azure Stack, is built on top of Windows Server 2016 software. It will provide the best service and enterprises will get the most out of Microsoft Azure Stack running on the Intel Xeon processor-based platforms. If you aren’t familiar with how to use this amazing technology, there are many online resources to help you learn this, like a Microsoft Azure administration training.

Microsoft Azure Stack will ship as an integrated system. This hybrid cloud platform will include:

  • Microsoft software
  • Intel-optimized hardware
  • support and services.

This hybrid cloud platform integrated system is to bring more reliability, efficiency and in a continuous manner to the businesses across the world.