Top 5 PS4 Exclusive Games Coming In 2017-2018

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So, E3 is finally over and we are not done with all the announcements, trailers and gameplays yet. Sony had a wonderful show at the expo this year with some of the most anticipated titles finally getting announced. Personally I liked how they started the show with some live performances of Indian classical music. It was overwhelming for the Indian fans like me. Then the usual routine of video game announcements followed.

We have compiled a list of five of the most anticipated PS4 exclusive games to look out for this year as well as the next. Without further ado, let’s check them out.

God of War

Developers at Santa Monica decided to take a different route with this one. God of War takes fans from the Greek mythology setting to the world of Norse gods and beasts. A few months back we got our first look at how the game was shaping up and we have to admit it looked quite promising. A brand new gameplay footage was released at this years E3 and trust us, it has never looked better. Kratos is now wielding an Axe in contrast to his swords from the previous games. The story looks compelling too as we see a different, older Kratos on his journey to the new land with his son. We are excited to get our hands on this one asap. What about you guys? God of War hits store shelves later this year.

Top 5 PS4 Exclusive Games Coming In 2017-2018

The Last of Us Part II

Do we seriously need an introduction to this one? I guess not. It’s the sequel to the 2013 blockbuster which keeps reminding us of how storytelling in video games should actually work. It’s one of the greatest PS4 games ever made and the reason is Naughty Dog. Though there was no exclusive showcase of this game at E3 this year, we still are excited for this title like crazy and we know fans are too. The trailer showed one of the beloved characters from the first game making her return and with an older, more mature look and feel. Who else is waiting for The Last of Us Part II?

Top 5 PS4 Exclusive Games Coming In 2017-2018

Days Gone

This one is one of my personal favorites. Days Gone has that authentic “The Walking Dead” feel and stays true to the genre from what it looks like in the gameplay demo. We got another one of them during E3 this year and it looks beautiful. The demo shows the protagonist making his way through the zombie infested wastelands while also trying to save his friend from other kinds of enemies. There are elements like setting traps or ways in which one can manipulate the world to get his objective done. An example of what we saw when the player set off an explosive to draw the brain-eaters in certain direction to clear the path. The game also proves to be a technical feat as we can see the huge number of zombies depicted on screen at a particular instance. Let us know your opinion on Days Gone in the comments section below.

Top 5 PS4 Exclusive Games Coming In 2017-2018

Detroit: Become Human

The android revolution is here! At least that’s what the developers at Quantic Dream are trying to show in this new game. The game takes place some time in the future where androids co-exist with human beings on the earth. A sudden spark among the androids lead them to a revolution. The E3 2017 trailer gave us a brief glimpse of the story and the protagonist who is called Marcus. This is one of the most original concepts we have seen in months, may be years. It’s really exciting as Quantic Dream have produced some of the best visually appealing decision based games in the past like Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. Only time will tell if Detroit: Become Human is going to surpass all expectations. The game is expected to be released later this year.

Top 5 PS4 Exclusive Games Coming In 2017-2018

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Alright, so Nate’s adventures might be over after the epic finale in Uncharted 4, but this doesn’t mean we stop getting more Uncharted content. In a surprise announcement, Sony unveiled the upcoming game, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. It features Chloe Frazer from the second and the third game of the series. The story takes place a year after the events of A Thief’s End and gives similar look and feel like the previous games. It’s more like an expansion to the last game which is more than welcome from the fans. What’s even better is that you can have access to the Uncharted 4′ multiplayer modes in this game. Sweet, eh?

Top 5 PS4 Exclusive Games Coming In 2017-2018

So, those were some of the cool stuff we are hoping to see from Sony in the coming months. What else are you excited for? Let us know in the comments.