Turn 10 adds microtransactions in Forza 6

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Despite comments regarding not including microtransactions in Forza 6, Turn 10 seems to have done so. Yes, Forza 6 finally has paid addons available for purchase in the Xbox Store.

The paid addons work as a shortcut to unlock new content in the game. Known as Token packs, the addons are currently being shown on the official Australian Xbox Store. Each token consists of 500 in-game credit. The Token packs range from 325 tokens for $3.95 up to 20,000 tokens for a whopping $139.95.

microtransactions in Forza 6

Forza 5 was heavily criticized for the microtransactions. In response to that, Turn 10 staff made comments on Forza 6 being free from them. This outrageous move will certainly see a downfall in the fan numbers of the franchise. What’s even stranger is that Fallout 6 released over two months ago and this unexpected new addition seems unfair.

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