Uncharted The Lost Legacy Guide: Chapter 2 Collectibles

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Uncharted The Lost Legacy is an action-adventure game and is a standalone expansion of the Uncharted series. This guide is lists out Uncharted The Lost Legacy Chapter 2 collectibles. Naughty Dog developed the game for PS4 and it was published by Sony Interactive Entertainment on August 22. Chloe Frazer, the protagonist, with the help of a mercenary Nadine Ross, search for the Tusk of Ganesh in the mountains of India amidst a civil war. Played from a third-person perspective, the players take down enemies by using firearms and melee combat as well as stealth.

There are many different collectibles in the game and some of these are easy to miss. In Chapter 2, there are six of these – a photo and five treasure pieces. To get the Casual Hunter Trophy, you need to collect all these collectibles. This guide will list out the collectibles in Chapter 2 in the game and how to find them.

Uncharted The Lost Legacy Chapter 2 Collectibles


Go near the big Pink Lotus neon sign in the beginning of the chapter. Interact with a spot right next to it. Chloe will take a picture here.


Before you go down the first zip line, look right. There is a small shack here. Go near it to try and hang from the ledge. The bullet whistle is next to the white barrel.


You choke out an enemy after travelling across the first zip line. Go into the shack behind him and pick up the lighter from the table there.


Push the crate from the ledge to help Nadine up. The crate will fall through the floor. Now, do not jump yet. Go back to the initial location of the crate. The treasure is on the ground near the shelf.


Once you join Nadine, you will be in a big room with a purple glow. Enter it through the hole in the wall and go left. Go to the narrow walkway behind the cabinets and cardboard boxes. Find the inkwell on the desk here.


This is found in the attic loft with the windows. Nadine breaks one of these in a brief cutscene. Go to the other one. The item is on a crate behind the shelf.

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