Valve Discontinues Steam Greenlight, Announces Steam Direct

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The leading PC games platform, Steam has seen immense popularity among fans in the past few years. Valve, which is also behind award winning games like Half Life, is responsible for this platform.

Till now, Steam had a service that allowed developers to put their games online. Players could then try them out or read their concepts and give votes. Valve, then, would decide whether to put them on the Steam store. However, the system has often been a victim to abuse by some people using scummy concepts. This is one of the major issues addressed in the replacement of Steam Greenlight.

Valve has now announced a new service called Steam Direct which will replace Greenlight. According to the new rules, the developers will be required to send their games directly to Valve. It will be accompanied with a digital paperwork, personal or company vindication, and tax documents. Along with these, a small fee is also required. Once everything looks good, Valve puts the game on Steam for general public.

Do you think Steam Direct is better than Steam Greenlight? Share your opinions below.

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