Vampyr Hunters Heirlooms DLC – How to Get Weapons

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In this guide we will find out about  Vampyr Hunters Heirlooms DLC and how to get the dlc weapons. We know how to upgrade skills and bite and drain blood in Vampyr. The game has received good ratings so far. Set in 1918 London, the game features Vampyr hunters, supernatural creatures and undead skals. It’s pretty dark and exciting.

You play as Dr. Jonathan Reid, the newly-turned vampire. You are torn by the dilemma of the decisions you need to take. You have to help the city. Cure needs to be found for the flu-ravaged citizens. But you are also a vampire. So you are cursed. You have to feed on those you vowed to heal. Vampyr released in June 2018.

Vampyr Hunters Heirlooms DLC – How to Get Weapons

The combat system in the game gives you various melee and ranged weapons to use. The Hunter Heirlooms DLC grants you two special weapons to use when taking on your enemies, namely the sword Dragonbane and the pistol Barker. This guide will show how to get these special weapons in the game.

Once you get the DLC, play through the first mission, Eternal Thirst and hunt down the rogue vampire. Once you reach Pembrooke Hospital, go to Jonathan’s office on the second floor. Interact with the locker inside the office to find the weapons. Equip them from the menu to start using them. That’s about Vampyr Hunters Heirlooms DLC how to get weapons.