Vampyr Guide To Earn Money Fast

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You will need to get money in Vampyr, like most games. So here we will find out Vampyr guide to earn money fast. We talked about how to get Vampyr Hunters Heirlooms DLC weapons in our previous guide. Here we are concentrating on getting money fast in the game. Vampyr released in June 2018 for Windows, Xbox One and PS4.

Set in London in the year 1918, it is about Dr. Jonathan Reid. He is a newly turned vampire and a lot depends on his decisions. His is struggling between his oath as a doctor and his newly got blood thirst. Dr. Reid have to find a cure for the citizens suffering from flu. But he has to satisfy his vampire needs. The game is full of dark elements, undead skals, supernatural creatures and Vampyr hunters. You can either save or doom London depending on what you decide to do.

Vampyr Guide To Earn Money Fast

Throughout this game, you will encounter a lot of enemies and a lot of items too. You will need to have money to get new and improved items to improve your chances in combat. This guide will show how to earn money (shillings) quickly in the game.

Loot everything you can and sell anything you do not need. This should be your mantra in the game. You can also recycle any junk you have which is broken down. This will turn them into resources which you can sell for even more money. Do this and you will earn a good amount in no time. Vampyr Guide To Earn Money Fast