Warhammer-Vermintide 2 Guide: How To Revive Teammates

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Here we are talking about teammates. We will see Warhammer-Vermintide 2 guide about how to revive teammates. Warhammer Vermintide 2 is developed by Fatshark and it released on Mar 8, 2018. The game is the sequel to the 2015 game Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide. The March release was for PC and the game may be out for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One soon.

Warhammer Vermintide 2, is set in the apocalyptic End Times of the war-torn fictional Warhammer game worlds. The game has 5 main heroes. They decide to join forces and go against the destructive Chaos army and the Skaven horde. There are 15 different career paths. You can choose any of them and there are also a lot many unlockable skills and things to customize.

Warhammer-Vermintide 2 Guide: How To Revive Teammates

You can see the health on the left side of the HUD and you have to keep your eye on this at all times. If anyone runs out of health, they will be in a downed state and can be revived from that state. This guide will show how to do that.

When a player is downed, there will be a certain amount of time before they die and if they do, they will respawn in 60 seconds. To revive such a player, clear out the enemies surrounding him and hold the key E next to them for around 3-4 seconds to revive them. The now woken player will have around half of his health restored. If the player dies and respawns after 60 seconds, he will be back to full health though you will be without that teammate for 60 seconds which doesn’t seem like much but it is more than enough for the horde to overpower you. So, it is always good to revive a downed teammate.

Warhammer-Vermintide 2 Guide: How To Block While Reviving A Teammate

It is very important to revive your teammates when they are downed as being on your own against the horde is never a good idea. This can be tricky due to the overwhelming number of enemies surrounding the downed teammate. Hence, blocking becomes an important factor in that case. This guide will show how to do that when reviving a teammate.

Press the E button when next to a downed teammate to start reviving him. Press and hold the right mouse button with your melee weapon out. This brings up three shields in the centre of the screen. This is your stamina bar which determines for how long you can block enemy attacks. Keep blocking while reviving your teammate. You can take a few hits due to the stamina bar but you have to be quick. You won’t be interrupted as long as there are bars in your stamina bar. This tip is very useful for playing in higher difficulty settings when the horde is extremely strong.

That’s all about how to revive teammates in Warhammer Vermintide 2 and Warhammer-Vermintide 2 guide on how to block While Reviving A Teammate.