Warhammer-Vermintide 2 Guide: Location Of All Tomes Part 3

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This guide is part three of the Warhammer: Vermintide 2 location of all Tomes guides. To get better equipment and loot to take on tougher enemies, you will need to pick up things like Tomes in the world map where you play. Tomes reward you with more experience and additional points towards the loot box you get at the end of the mission.

Tomes take up the healing slot in your inventory so if you have picked up a healing item, you will have to drop it to make way for the tome. Unlike grimoires, tomes can be dropped once collected. So it is a good idea to use up the healing item and then collect the tome. This guide is part 3 of the three guide series showing you the location of all the tomes in the game.

Warhammer-Vermintide 2 Guide: Location Of All Tomes Part 3


Make your way through the first burned house in the city. Drop down from the first floor. Now, go right and to the end to find another ruined building. Jump down onto a wall and to the floorboards to find this tome. Now, after you exit the room with the wine casks, follow the path to a corridor leading to a set of stairs through a door to the right. Continue past the door to spot a hole with a skeleton inside. Look down here to find the second tome. You can find the third tome is when you are try to escape. Go up the last building and look for a wall on the left. Jump around the wall to reach a room which will lead you to a hole you can drop into. The tome is behind a desk here. Head out the locked door to continue on.


The first one is found after you exit the caves. Look to the right of the bridge to spot a ladder and climb up. This will take you to a path which will lead you to the other side of the bright. Now, jump across a small gap here to get to a corner with a fire and a tome. Reach Buckhorn Gorge. Follow the path outside till it loops around. This will take you to the end of the upper level where you will find the second tome in a crate. The third one is found on the upper floor of the Forsaken Chapel. You will have to complete a jumping puzzle to get to it.


The first one is on the top of a shelf in an old building in the area of Old Andreas’ Den. Go inside the building and get the tome. Now reach the end of Froschdorf Camp. Search the second to last house on the left side of the map while going forward. The tome is inside, just above the water surface. The final tome is found after you reach Zuause Gully. Go right and follow the swamp around till you find the tome which will be on a sign post at Bardin’s eye level. This is easy to miss so be careful.


The first one is found under a building where you find a lift. Go to the right of the building till you get inside. Take the tome lying on the rubble. You will find the second one after you reach the end of the caves and before going in to the Bay Of Fins. Take the upper path on the left and jump across a few rocks to find the tome at the end of the path.

The final tome is found in the Rotblood War Camp after you beat the first boss. Follow the path and go up the hill. Turn around and head up the hill to find a wooden crate in the corner. There will be a gap in the wall and a lot of crates in front of that gap. Jump over the crates to find the tome in a chest at the end of the path.

So now you know how to climb and get to the crates and finally to the tome. But you may are also an adventure loving person, who go on trekking and knows that climbing carabiner would be of utmost importance. So next time to go on climbing, get the best carabiner for a safe adventure.

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