Warhammer-Vermintide 2 Guide: Location Of All Tomes Part 1

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This guide is part one of the Warhammer: Vermintide 2 location of all Tomes guides. To get better equipment and loot to take on tougher enemies, you will need to pick up things like Tomes in the world map where you play. Tomes reward you with more experience and additional points towards the loot box you get at the end of the mission. Tomes take up the healing slot in your inventory so if you have picked up a healing item, you will have to drop it to make way for the tome. Unlike grimoires, tomes can be dropped once collected. So it is a good idea to use up the healing item and then collect the tome. This guide is part 1 of the three guide series showing you the location of all the tomes in the game.

Warhammer-Vermintide 2 Guide: Location Of All Tomes Part 1


The first one is found after reaching the Franz Erikson Platz area. When you reach a ramp of boards, donot cross it yet. Instead, turn left to spot a wooden crate close to the gate near the back of the area. Go there and look down in one of the open crates to get the tome. The second one is found when you reach the area of wall you have to cross. Go to the gate-house ahead of you and turn left to head up the stairs. Dont go through the door there. Turn right and go to the back of the room where there is a hole in the wooden platform. There will be a small landing at the bottom where the second tome is placed. The final tome is found when you reach the grassy area near the end. Follow the path to drop down into the grass. Go towards the stairs and look for some bushes on the left and go through them. Find a small alcove behind the bushes to get the last tome.


First one is found after you enter the Temple Hospice. In the room with the bunks, its on the top one. The second one is found inside Garrison Sewers. Once you reach a break in the tunnels, go left and look for the tome in a nearby wall. The final tome is inside Carlomant’s Memorium. There is an item on the tomb behind the shrine. This is the tome.


The first one is found inside The Backfill. Go to the back corner of the area and look for the tome on the ground near some potions. The second one is found when you are in The Transfer. To the right of the pathway inside a crate lies this tome. The final tome is inside The Old Troll Grounds. In one of the caverns, there will be a jumping puzzle. Search around the puzzle till you find the tome.


The first one is found near the end of Von Mackensen Strasses. Look to the left to spot this tome, inside a crate in the wall. Crawl through the wall to reach it. The second one is found near the Merchant District. See a small boat you can jump over to. From here, climb up the ladder and go to the Merchant’s District. Turn left and follow around the area till you reach another boat at the side of a house. The tome will be here. The third one is found after the landslide. Go to the top floor of the buildings and look for the tome inside the nearby tower. It will be in one of the bookshelves.


– Just after you reach The Wilds and get the objective to Proceed Through The Wilds, be on the lookout. Go right and follow the path till you reach a fallen tree and a pillar. Go through the tree and turn right to see a wooden crate containing a tome. For the second one, continue along the wall on the right and follow till you reach a rock which drops down. Walk right and look left to spot another wooden crate with a tome inside. The third one is found near the end when you explore the ruins in the forest. Search for a ramp leading to a drop and drop down there. Now, go forward and right, through the leaves and use the rocks there to jump up to reach a small area. There will be a wooden board between two rocks. Get the tome there and drop down to continue on with the level.

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