Warhammer-Vermintide 2 Guide: Location Of All Tomes Part 2

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This guide is part two of the Warhammer: Vermintide 2 location of all Tomes guides. To get better equipment and loot to take on tougher enemies, you will need to pick up things like Tomes in the world map where you play. Tomes reward you with more experience and additional points towards the loot box you get at the end of the mission. Tomes take up the healing slot in your inventory so if you have picked up a healing item, you will have to drop it to make way for the tome. Unlike grimoires, tomes can be dropped once collected. So it is a good idea to use up the healing item and then collect the tome. This guide is part 2 of the three guide series showing you the location of all the tomes in the game.

Warhammer-Vermintide 2 Guide: Location Of All Tomes Part 2


When you reach a building, be on the lookout. See a tome on the window on the first floor. First, go upstairs to the top floor and go to the balcony. Turn left and drop down to a platform with a crate on it. Now, continue across the front of the building to reach the first tome. Now, when you reach Spucknapf Market, go under the bridge, stay on the left till you reach a ladder. Go up the ladder to a jumping puzzle and solve it. On the opposite side of the bridge, look for the second tome inside a crate. Reach Von Bisschenbesser Strasse and turn right to spot an archway between two buildings. Go through it and walk along the area’s edge till you reach a small archway you can go through. The third tome is inside.


The first tome depends on the path the map allots you. If the path leads you up on the bridge, find the tome inside of the creek next to a sunken wagon at the start of the map. If the path leads you somewhere else, well, we are still searching on that. Reach Eilhart Road to find the second tome. Go to the end of the broken-down bridge. There will be a short jumping puzzle requiring you to jump across a convoy. Jump across till you reach an outcropping with the second tome. The third tome, again, depends on the path you took. If Barsch Ford takes you to the right, stick to the right when you reach Eile Headland and go to the torch near the rocks. Follow the path right till you reach another path leading you clockwise up another set of rocks. Follow the jumping path till you reach the tome. If Barsch Ford leads you straight through, continue till you reach Eile South Bank. Go left and follow the path till it turns to the right leading to a jumping puzzle. Follow the path till you reach the tome at the end.


The first one is found in Gorog Drin, before you drop down to the next area. To your right will be a break in the stone railing. Drop over there and follow the path to find the tome at the end. The second one is found when you reach a lever you have to pull to extend the bridge. Drop down behind the lever and follow the path to find the tome inside a broken crate. The final tome is found after reaching Kron Khaz. Search for a mine cart at the end of a track and look inside it to find the tome.


The first one is found after reaching the mill. Turn left and jump over the wagon. From the top of the wagon, jump to the fence and walk along it towards the mill. Jump across the wooden platform and look to the left to spot the tome. The second one is found after fighting the Rat Ogre outside the barn. Go inside and climb up the ladder to the second floor. Drop into the area with the second ladder and cross it. Go forward till you reach the wall. Turn right and jump towards the window to get the tome. Be careful not to fall from there. Now, continue onwards till you reach the swampy area. Now, turn left till you reach small rocks in the wall. Turn left and jump into the water. Keep moving till you get behind the tree fallen over the rocks. The final tome is inside a wooden crate underwater. Get it.

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