Weird West Secret Trophies Guide

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Weird West, the dark fantasy game, has 14 secret trophies. This guide lists all the Weird West secret trophies and what tasks to perform to get them. The game is developed by WolfEye Studios and it has gathered impressive reviews.

Weird West Secret Trophies Guide

It All Dies (gold)
Well, your task will be to end the world.

Out on the Ebb Tide (Bronze)
Kill Shelby Cross in Copper Mountain Quarry.

The Great Escape (Bronze)
Rescue your spouse from the quarry keeping Shelby Cross unaware of it.

Turning the Tables (Bronze)
You achieve this trophy once Ruth is turned into a Pigwoman by you.

Workers’ Rights (Bronze)
Take down Maximo and set Lantern room’s workers free.

Dirt and Blame (Bronze)
Task for this trophy is to become a Wiindigo.

Mystery Machine (Bronze)
Rescue both the innocents in The Strangeness.

Eternity Can Wait (Bronze)
When you get to the end of Oneirist Journey, spare Essex Mast.

Getting the Gang Back Together (Silver)
Assemble all the Journey Heroes in the Broken Steppe Temple alive.

Hog Wild (Bronze)
When you play a Poker Game with Pigman Joe, defeat him.

What’s in the Box? (Bronze)
Heathen’s Box needed to be returned without being opened.

Knuckle Sandwich (Silver)
Defeat the Heathen at her Slap Game.

Explorer (Bronze)
Find the location of every Temple of the Ancients.

Elusive Prey (Bronze)
Turn in either Shelby Cross, Leila or Galen Weeks and collect the bounty.