Will the PlayStation VR Be a Core Feature, or Just a Peripheral?

Will the PlayStation VR Be a Core Feature, or Just a Peripheral

Virtual reality is finally upon us in the gaming world, which is something the industry has been anticipating for a few years now. We first got a glimpse of the potential power of VR back at E3 2016, where it seemed almost every publisher was working on something that integrated VR in some way. And now, the PlayStation VR is ready to launch in exactly 13 days, on October 13.

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While virtual reality is a novel concept that has more appeal on its own than something like the PlayStation Camera or Kinect, which died out very quick, it won’t take off if it can’t offer quality gaming experiences that go beyond deeper immersion. The list of PlayStation VR launch titles doesn’t look that exciting outside of Batman: Arkham VR and maybe Rez Infinite, and we’ve still yet to see how those games will turn out.

It always boils down to the same – in the end, it’s all about the games. If virtual reality can do something we want to play that we can’t do with a controller, it will live on.