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The Xbox app gets Facebook integration this week. Voice Recording of DVR clips and much more comes with the Windows 10 Xbox app update. If you are not already using the Xbox app Beta version, you will get to see the following features added. Those who have experienced the beta version, have already got a glimpse of these new features.

Windows 10 Xbox App Update : New Features Added

Facebook integration

Although this is at the beta stage but still you get a lot. Now your Facebook account can be linked your Xbox Live account. This will help you in finding friends to play games on Facebook. Also you will be able to share your exploits with your friends. When you open Xbox app, you will find a Facebook icon on the upper right corner of the window.

Game Recording

The new Windows 10 Xbox app update has allowed recording game clips and screen captures for all Windows games.

Recording Game DVR clips with Voicecover

The Game DVR clips recording with voicecover is now available for Windows 10. This feature is already present in Xbox One. Go to setting and enable the microphone for recording clips during a gaming sessions. You can also try WINKEY + ALT + M for quick shortcut for your current game session.

Integrated Store.

Now you PC and Xbox One game store has come to your PC. The Xbox app now has a Store link. You can just browse and buy your favorite games from this store.

The Windows 10 Xbox App update enhances the Xbox Gaming experience even more.