Xbox New Feature – How to Enable Dark Mode on Xbox


Good news for gamers. Soon Microsoft may rollout Xbox’s latest new feature that will be a treat to the sore eyes. Members of Xbox Insider program can now enable the new Xbox night mode or dark mode and experience the bliss of gaming at night. The feature will also be available for Windows 10 users. Let’s understand a bit more about the night mode feature.

Who are eligible to explore this new night mode or dark mode feature at the moment

If you are a member of the Xbox Insiders program and also Alpha Skip-Ahead ring, then you fall in the category of users who can enable and explore the night mode feature. The feature dims the screen, controller LED brightness and brightness of the Xbox power button. The best thing about it is that once you set it up, it will automatically work corresponding to your local time. It will dim the brightness after sunset. The feature will go back to normal brightness once it’s time of sunrise.

How to Enable Night Mode or Dark Mode on Xbox (for Xbox Insider program users for now until it is available for all Xbox and Windows 10 PC users)

  • Once you start up the Xbox, go to Settings menu.
  • In the Settings menu, you will find the newly added Night Mode option.
  • Go to this option, and you will find an option to enable the night mode feature.
  • After this, there are options that you can explore to customise the brightness and other display features specific to Night Mode.

Happy gaming with less stress to the eyes for Xbox Insider program members for now and for all other users once it is finally out.