Hitman 3 Secret Trophies List – How to Achieve Them

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The game’s Season of Sloth is ongoing and here we are putting together Hitman 3 secret trophies list for you. We are going to find out how to achieve these 12 bronze secret trophies. In our previous guide we have details on how to take down the elusive target – the Liability.

Hitman 3 Secret Trophies List – How to Achieve Them

Bird Art
You need to photograph the Yellow Bird art on the wall to get this trophy.

Bullet Train
The bullet train trophy requires you to kill a guard with a silenced pistol.

Count Down From 47
To unlock this trophy, wait for 47 seconds and see a new option come up.

Console Cowboy
Use Royce’s terminal to fry the core. In the Royce’s lab, go to the core control room, acquire a guard disguise. Now go to Royce’s office and then use the terminal to fire Jeremy Bolt , Alicia Reynolds and Sharon Reed to fry the core.

Evil Wine Club
Unlock this trophy by attending the secret Providence meeting.

Future Shock
As the name suggest, you need to take down Hush in a specific way i.e. in his “relaxing chair”. Next thing is to electrocute Royce. Lastly use one bullet to shoot both.

Family Feud
Assist Emma Carlisle to murder Alexa.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled
You have to make sure that while evacuating in a skydiving suit, a target slips and falls. This will unlock the trophy.

Treacherous Architecture
First take down Ingram with his oil-rig model. Next task is to push Stuyvesant over a rail and take them down in the air.

Partied Out
First task is to get to Thames. In the staff area, look for a fuse, screwdriver and rat poison to activate the crane once you get outside and then crush Thames under it. Next task is to get to Tremain in the top floor of biker area and silently kill other two bikers and then Tremain. Last task is to get to the DJ booth, poison the food, get on the turntable and wait for the sweet end.

Ripe for the Picking
Kill Vidal with grape crusher, then kill Yates with poisoned Grand Paladin.

Upstairs, Downstairs
From the roof, shoot and Kill Alexa in her private room to unlock this trophy.

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