Xiaomi Mi 5 Launch Anticipated for January 21

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Xiaomi Mi 5 is anticipated to be launched by start of 2016. It may be by January 21. Xiaomi is reportedly claiming that the smartphone will be very good.

It is reported that Xiaomi may release 2 versions of the Mi 5 smartphone.

  • One priced about Rs. 20K
  • Another priced about Rs. 26K

Xiaomi Mi 5 Features Revealed Till Date

  • Pressure-sensitive touchscreen
  • It will run on Android 6.0 Marshmallow
  • It may also have a physical button
  • The physical button may serve as a fingerprint scanner

Well the rumors sounds pretty interesting. The Xiaomi Mi 5 smartphone is anticipated to be packed with some really good features. The wait is soon going to be over in Jan 2016.