Your Posture Doesn’t Have to Suffer During The Work-from-Home Times, Here Are Our Tips

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By Hayley Mann

Now, many people work from home temporarily or permanently. Everybody knows that work in the office is usually connected with some issues. The most common among them are issues caused by a wrong posture due to a sedentary lifestyle.

When you are working from home, even that need to go to the office and back home is eliminated. Thus, problems may become more severe. However, staying at home is not a reason to forget about your health condition. There are plenty of ways to improve the posture and with it, the health condition in general. Here are some of them.

Your TV Set Can Be Adjusted to the Needed Height

How are you usually sitting when watching TV? We all know that a TV-set is installed statically. If the height is not suitable, your posture will take an unnatural position. This, in turn, might lead to pains in the back and neck. 

However, this issue can be fixed with a simple TV lift mechanism. You can install it in a cabinet or on the ceiling. With a TV lift, you can adjust the TV-set height to a comfortable value and watch it in a relaxed, natural position. Moreover, you can arrange a TV lift on your own, just buy some actuators or a lift system.

A Height-Adjustable Desk Is a Must

Another item that influences not only your posture but the health condition, in general, is a height-adjustable desk. Such desks are sold in many places, however, for some people, they are not affordable. Therefore, if you cannot buy it, you can get a lift system. Then, you install a desktop, from the desk you have on the system, and you have a height-adjustable desk.

Such a desk allows you to sit and to stand when working. When you are sitting, the back does not rest in its natural position. But when you are standing, it does. Interchange the sitting periods with the time when you are working in a standing position. It influences, in a positive way, your:

  • Back: it helps to eliminate or at least to reduce pains;
  • Neck: the same, it eliminates pains and helps muscles to relax;
  • Weight: when you are standing, you are burning more calories;
  • Head: your brain gets enough oxygen and headaches are eliminated, etc.

Of course, just the fact that you are using a standing desk does not make wonders. Add some exercises, and the effect will be maximal. There are many exercises that you can do directly at your working place without even interrupting the work process.

To complete the effect, make sure you are not damaging your health when you are working in a sitting position. An ergonomic chair will help you. It also can be height adjustable. And finally, if you want to have a maximally convenient working space, buy an ergonomic carpet for you.

Final Thoughts

Even if you are working from home, there are many options to make it less health-damaging and even comfortable. Get the mentioned items or build them. Apply some strategies such as exercises to support your health and enjoy your stay at home.

Hayley Mann is a technology enthusiast specializing in automation methods of ergonomics devices. Her engineering background helps her to create interesting articles on technical topics, making them understandable for all readers.