Activision Takes Lesson from Valorant, To Introduce Hardware Bans

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As we all know, cheating on COD Warzone is a real scourge that continues to plague, and players and influencers are detached from the game as the cheat becomes more common.

On Reddit, a user testifies about the difficulty he experiences in having fun while playing COD Warzone. Would he have the loser’s speech, or is his opinion legitimate; it’s up to you to tell us. Nevertheless, a good part of the community seems to agree with this user who points the finger at cheating.

Many online games have problems with cheaters, including Call of Duty Warzone. Activision has recently started a campaign against these virtual cheaters. It has posted a video where a cheater is made fun of to discourage people from engaging in these dishonest behaviors.

COD Warzone Season 5

COD Warzone fans are now eagerly awaiting the arrival of Season 5. According to the original plans, it should have been available from 13 august 2021. But it has suffered a slight delay.

The new season of the battle royale of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War has already promised the arrival of many new features that will make the gameplay even more fun.

The developers have also recently confirmed news coming to fight cheaters after having already decided to fight an annoying program also available on consoles.

Season 5 would have arrived Friday 13 August. But some problems would have emerged in the testing phase that made it necessary to postpone the launch.

“If you cheat, we’ll come to get you”

Activision, the publisher of the game “Call of Duty: Warzone,” released a video to make fun of a banned cheater and announce the arrival of an anti-cheat system.

The scourge of multiplayer games, the use of cheats or hacks, has long ruined player games in “CoD Warzone.” But its creators promise to end it by attacking people who break the rules. “This is not an exercise: if you cheat, we come and get you,” the official Twitter account of the game “Call of Duty” recently warned, posting a video bragging about its anti-cheat device.

She publicly mocks a cheater, the famous tiktoker Rush360. The video shows him complaining to his community that he can no longer play “Call of Duty: Warzone,” even by creating new accounts. The developers had proceeded with a total ban (IP and hardware).

The developers have also revealed that they have not ignored the fans’ requests, which have long been asking the team for improvements on the anti-cheat system.

A Warning Message

“The waves of bans are underway, and the PC anti-cheat will arrive in #Warzone later this year,” the Activision team, publisher of the popular game who recently carried out a wave, recalled once again in their tweet. As a warning, his video ends with the following message: “We know what you are doing; we are coming for you.” In the post published on social networks, Activision also refers to the fact that; about 100 thousand accounts have been banned from CoD Warzone.

Activision is continuing to ban Call of Duty Warzone cheaters en masse. It seems that in the new game map that will launch later this year, before the release of Call of Duty Vanguard, there will also be a new anti-cheat that promises to be even more effective, although we still don’t know the details.