Ashen Eye: Game Analysis | How worthy is it?

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Aurora Studio’s Ring of Elysium came with an all new take on battle royale known as the Ashen Eye.

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Since its release on 23rd June 2019, Ashen Eye is yet to make a mark on the gaming community. The trailer brought in so much of excitement for the new concept that finally we took our turns playing the boldest battle royale yet (as they say) and there are a few things to discuss about.

You can check out the Ring of Elysium – Ashen Eye’s official game trailer.

Game Design and Environment

The game is well set in the volcano disrupted island of Europa. As a result it will definitely hold you into the game for the soul purpose of location reveal. The diverse environments will easily take upon you. Landscapes are good, from building areas to open grass fields to uneven hills. We also see underwater environment in the game. Certainly, this has to be the most interactive underwater battle royale game ever.

Game Mechanics

The game mechanics are usual to those of other battle royale games. Even the interactive objects, vehicles, and, most importantly, the guns are very much similar to those of other BR games. Above all the handling of its spawn packs are the most noteworthy thing in the game. Be it the Grappling Hook or the BMX bike or the Glider, they all have their own advantages that are very well executed in the game.

Player Base

With the game mostly based on the ever moving safe zone, camping is not an option. The gaming community which is mostly filled with casual players will find it tough to cope up this concept. The players with sniping and stealth profile will find it problematic to hold spots and be at the top of the game. The type of game it requires basically resides with the 20% of the people who have been gaming passionately. And hence this is where the people who have tried it and feel the game is constructed in a way that is not according to “their gaming method”.

Although players switching from Apex Legends would find the similar concept of 3-man team an easy thing to cope up with but then it seems like casual players are still at a loss. Moreover the game is made available to PC gamers only. Hence Ring of Elysium is missing out on a large gaming base of console players.

Worth your time?

First of all I won’t say that the game isn’t a worth the time. The game dynamics is so good to hold you for hours and hours of game play. But the point of making dedicated players seems shady for now.

People who have been investing time into other battle royale games such as PUBG and Fortnite would not stick to it for long since the gaming experience there is better as is seems.

Can it survive?

Certainly, survival is based on whether the Ring of Elysium developers can bring in some point where the casual players find more interest to be into the game. The ever changing safe zone should be as it is because that is what provides it its own identity. Consequently, they also need to focus on their marketing. There seems to be almost no focus when it comes to publicity and henceforth we don’t see the hype as in for now. Moreover, we don’t see streamers playing it enough for it to reach the gaming community.

All though it is a long way to go but certainly the destiny of games as such can go shady for the reason that ROE team doesn’t make it more “playable” for all kinds of people.