Battleborn Guide: How to deal with Melee Characters

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In Battleborn, there are 25 different characters, each having their own unique way of attacking their opponents. Players have been mentioning difficulties in facing melee characters in online gameplay so this Battleborn Wiki Guide: Dealing With Melee Characters guide will show a few tips How to Deal with Melee Characters.

How to deal with Melee Characters Battleborn

The player needs to understand the Melee mechanics system in the game. Melee attacks deal more DPS than the ranged ones and thus, the best trick is maintain some distance between the character and the opponent.

Sprint Away

Once the opponent charges at the player, the player must retreat and let him give the chase as he can only hit with CC at that time. Lead him to the player’s area and the team together can drill him down. Note though that this tactic is uselss against Galilea as she can attack while sprinting.

Minimaps are Saviours

Minimaps need to be often looked at to know the allies and enemies positions. The player must then lead the enemy into an area with teammates.

Attack Mode

The player must start with melee attacks first. The ranged-attack heroes have quick and short melee attacks. Use this knowledge to good effect and it will help the player deal good damage while taking little.

Defense Mode

After a successful good attack, the player must be in a good defensive position as the opponents’ CC will be more aggressive. If the player’s character knows Stun, it comes very handy. The player must save his CC until the opponent is charged for his attacks. Then, hit him with the Stun.

It’s Ok to Lose

These tips mentioned are for the hardcore players who just hate to lose. If the player is a casual one, he/she can take his/her own time in learning the game mechanics and tactics. After all, playing the game more and more will only lead to perfection and mastery in it.