Beyond Good and Evil 2 Isn’t Getting Showed off Next Month – Showcase Expected Later this Year

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Back in 2012, we were shown off a very promising title, Beyond Good & Evil 2 which had been a very centerpiece of a lot of the gamer’s gaming requirements, it had a lot of new features and an interesting story to go along with it, among other things like mechanics and upgraded graphics.

Though the fans have awaited a release, there has been a lot of rumors and leaks of the game in the past months; most fans believe that the game will not come out anytime soon because the waiting curve is already extremely long but now, the developer has confirmed that the game will not be featured at E3 2017.

Where Ubisoft has impressed a lot of the gaming world with their recent Far Cry 5 reveal along with the extremely beautiful poster, Michel Ancel crushed the E3 showcase dreams in an Instagram post.

g3raldmichaellol asked Ancel about the game and it’s E3 showcase quite excitingly to which Ancel replied,

“Mhhh , not sure that E3 would be the best place to showcase Bg&e2 but we are working on the game so sometime this year , you should hear about it !”

While it’s shocking that the game isn’t out after over 4 years, it’s not disappointing either. Although the game has been awaited for over 4 years as this point; the fans which had their minds set for a E3 reveal are going to be sorely disappointed.

But, there are nice games which Ubisoft has been working on, South Park: The Fractured But Whole and Far Cry 5 definitely make up for what Beyond Good & Evil 2’s years of waiting (though not replace).

Whatever the case may be, we hope to see the game release later this year. What do you guys think, is Beyond Good & Evil going to be a game changer for the beloved classic series or will it flop?

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